Resolution Management: Looking Past January

By February 1st, according to one 2015 study, 64% of those who have made new year’s resolutions will have stuck with them. Unfortunately, six months out, only 46% will be actively maintaining those same resolutions. What the data tells us is this: Maintaining a goal is hard.

It makes sense, especially when one’s goals need to be balanced out by the responsibility that comes with everyday life. Eating right, losing weight, and trying new things are all on my 2016 resolution platter. However, all of these goals need to be constantly planned out and acted upon between connecting with family, fixing up the apartment, and working the good ol’ 9-5. To say I’ve mastered it, well that would be a lie.

What’s worked for me, however, is echoed by Confucius: 

“When it is obvious goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

In my life that means finding ways to incorporate my goals into my everyday responsibilities. Instead of driving to work, I walk. When I splurge on a meal out, I take the time to plan some cheaper meals in. All of these moments allow me to live my goals instead of working them.

As a company, one of Cookpanion’s goals is to be an advocate for those who love food, and for those who want to engage in acts of self-improvement by expanding their culinary palates. That’s why, day in and day out, we work to bring businesses and individuals together in ways that foster fun and active relationships with the food we cook and enjoy every day.

So, as we move into February, here are some recipes to help you live your goals, not just work them.

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1. Pork Tenderloin (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Pork Tenderloin – Slow Cooker | Kara Gonzales

Free time galore!
What’s not to love? Slow cooker recipes give you the benefit of being able to tend to other tasks while the meal prepares itself. Have a date night? The crockpot will do all the work while you clean the place up!

2. Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap by Coley |

Healthy and different.
Avoiding carbohydrates? Try some of these delicious wraps and load up on protein and veggies. Lettuce wraps like these are a great way to spice up what could’ve been a bland piece of baked chicken!

3. Waldorf Mason Jar Salad

Waldorf Mason Jar Salad by Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

Save money and enjoy a unique take on lunch.
Here’s a sweet way to avoid the lunch rush that wipes out both your time and wallet. It’s a resolution triple threat that contains healthy ingredients, a wallet-wise price, and spill-free transport.

4. Bourbon Crunch Iced Latte

Bourbon Crunch Iced Latte | Torani

Moderation and espresso!
Feel free to reward yourself with one of Torani’s signature sweet treats while knowing that moderation is a part of the key to success.

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By Benjamin Porter


8 Healthy Food Trends Worth Trying

Happy 2016 everyone! If January finds you renewing your gym membership, restocking your refrigerator, and swapping out cookies and candy for quinoa and kale, you’ve come to the right spot. To start the new year off right, we’ve zeroed in on eight trendy health foods that live up to the hype. Incorporate these power picks into your diet and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier you this year.


1. Coconut Flour

Why It’s Awesome: The coconut is at it again. As if coconut oil, coconut water, and coconut milk weren’t enough, now you can start utilizing coconut flour, which adds a delicious, subtle coconut flavor to baked goods. This flour packs a fibrous punch with 5 grams of fiber per 2 tablespoons, and it is well suited for those with diabetes, as it can lower the glycemic index of baked goods. Plus, it’s gluten free!
Our Favorite Brand: Bob’s Red Mill
Recipe Pick: Coconut Flour Zucchini Bread with Crumble Topping



2. Acai

Why It’s Awesome: Acai berries are loaded with antioxidants, with more than double the amount found in blueberries and nearly ten times that found in grapes. The specific type of antioxidants found in this berry–anthocyanins are particularly good for heart health. Acai has also been associated with weight loss, as well as healthy skin and digestion. Finally, the berry is known to be immune-stimulating and energy-boosting.  Not bad, eh?
Our Favorite Brand: Navitas Naturals
Recipe Pick: Kale, Berry And Acai Power Smoothie



3. Kelp & Dulse

Why It’s Awesome: Not only is kelp is high in iodine, which can improve thyroid function and control metabolism, but it can also help with healthier skin and hair. All in all, kelp has 46 different minerals, 16 amino acids, and 11 vitamins…wowza. Kelp is most often seen in the form of kelp noodles, but you can also find kelp buds, which make a tasty addition to many savory dishes. Dulse (say it like “pulse”) is another nutrient-packed seaweed variety that can be crisped up like a potato chip, and is also rich in iodine.
Our Favorite Brand: Maine Coast Sea Vegetables
Recipe Pick: Smashed Avocado, Kelp Noodle, and Lemon Bowl



4. Kimchi (or fermented anything, really)

Why It’s Awesome: Kimchi, or spicy fermented cabbage, is most known for its digestive health properties, which stem from the enzymes and probiotics contained within the food. But it doesn’t stop there. This trendy condiment can also aid with cholesterol, obesity, and even cancer. It acts as a natural inflammatory,  contains loads of antioxidants, and can help boost the immune system. Lastly, kimchi can help with diabetes by decreasing glucose levels.
Our Favorite Brand: Ozuke
Recipe Pick: Pad Thai With Kale & Collards Kimchi



5. Kefir

Why It’s Awesome: Speaking of fermentation, kefir, which is a fermented dairy beverage, is an uber-healthy yogurt alternative that is packed with immunity-boosting probiotics (good for tummy trouble!). One 6-ounce serving contains 6 grams of protein and 20% of your daily calcium, phosphorus, and B2 needs. This health food has been shown to improve bone health and lower the risk of osteoporosis, and it may even be proactive against cancer.
Our Favorite Brand: Trader Joe’s
Recipe Pick: Kefir Potato Salad



6. Hemp

Why It’s Awesome: This trendy super-seed, which tastes similar to sunflower seeds, is loaded with phosphorus, magnesium, and fiber, and is extremely versatile: it can be incorporated into baked goods, sprinkled atop yogurt or salads, blended into soups and smoothies, and more.
Our Favorite Brand: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods
Recipe Pick: Quinoa Hemp Cereal



7. Bee Pollen

Why It’s Awesome: Bee pollen, the food of small bees, is made up of 40% protein, with about half of that protein in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be absorbed by the body. Bee pollen has been known to increase energy, act as an anti-inflammatory, aid with allergies, sooth the digestive system, boost the immune system, and even improve skin. The best part? It tastes awesome, like crunchy little granules of top-shelf honey. Sprinkle it on cereal or yogurt, enjoy with chocolate or ice cream, blend into smoothies, or just enjoy with a piece of fruit.
Our Favorite Brand: Uncle Harry’s
Recipe Pick: “Honey” Mustard Dressing



8. Matcha

Why It’s Awesome: Matcha is a bright-green powder produced by finely grinding matcha green tea leaves. The powder contains 130 times more antioxidants than the average green tea, and is said to boost energy levels, lower stress, improve mood, and aid metabolism. Enjoy it stirred into hot water or milk, blended into smoothies, or even made into ice cream!
Our Favorite Brand: Encha
Recipe Pick: Green Tea Ice Cream

Other healthy food finds that get honorable mentions include green juice (and veggie smoothies), tiger nuts, chia, and rooibos tea. Check them out if you’re interested!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our healthy new year findings! Until next time, folks!