7 Lesser-Known Foodie Apps We Love

With nearly 1.5 million mobile apps in the Apple app store alone, one could say the market is just a little saturated. Among all this noise, how’s a consumer supposed to know which ones are worth while? Hopefully this post will help! We all know recipe apps are wildly popular (watch out for ours, set to launch this winter!), but here we’ll shine some light on a few lesser-known products that solve problems faced by foodies everywhere. Enjoy!

1. ipiit


For the gluten-free, lactose-free, meat-free or otherwise restricted foodie, this app is a real gem. Just set your dietary preferences, scan a product barcode, and see if you should chow down or steer clear. Although the library of recognized products could be expanded upon (and to my knowledge, it’s growing all the time!), this app has real potential.
Free, Available for iOSAndroid

2. Roaming Hunger


Mobile food is all the rage right now, but it can be hard to keep track of where all those trucks are stationed! Roaming Hunger attempts to solve this problem by listing/mapping the mobile food offerings nearest to you. The app provides detailed information on each vendor, and also lets you book food trucks directly for events and parties.
Free, Available for iOSAndroid

3. NoWait


Ok, this one is really cool. Instead of waiting in line at a busy restaurant, just check in using the app, and show up when your table is ready! For restaurants, the app also provides a complete front-of-house management tool that can help staff manage waitlists, reservations, server rotation, and more.
Free, Available for iOSAndroid

4. Instacart


If the thought of grocery shopping makes you want to curl up in a corner, this is the app for you. Instacart is a grocery delivery app that lets you select a nearby store, fill up your virtual cart, and sit back and relax while your groceries are selected, transported, and unloaded for you. The first delivery is free, and following deliveries begin at $3.99 (which I justify by the fact that bus fare alone costs $2.75 one-way here in Seattle).
Free, Available for iOSAndroid

5. Seafood Watch


Us Seattleites love our seafood (and we’re definitely not alone), but there has been growing concern and publicity regarding the sustainability of many of our favorite ocean eats. Seafood Watch, created by the Monterey Bay Aquarium (to whom I give major props, by the way), offers a guide to sustainable seafood, informing the consumer as to which restaurants, seafood picks, and sushi selections are your best ocean-friendly bets.
Free, Available for iOSAndroid

6. Escoffier Cook’s Companion


Auguste Escoffier was a French chef famous for popularizing and updating traditional French cooking methods. The Escoffier Cook’s Companion app is a great resource for any home cook (think obscure ingredient explanations and a complete kitchen glossary…), and contains many of the tools so often needed in the kitchen (converter, timer, etc).
Free, Available for iOS

7. Substitutions


I was trying to keep this list composed of only free apps, but I just had to include this one. I so often find myself in need of an ingredient substitution when, say, I don’t have a third egg on hand, or I’m looking to lighten up a butter-laden recipe. This app contains a comprehensive list of all your ingredient substitution options, so you’ll always be able to make it work.
$2.99, Available for iOS

Take a peak at some of the above recommendations and let us know what you think! We’re always on the lookout for snazzy new food tech!

Check in next Tuesday for our next post, and until then, happy cooking!

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